In the south of the county of Slupsk lays in an outstanding location of the Slupia Valley the village Krzynia (formely Krien).

Günther von Zitzewitz wrote " It is impossible to document about Krzynia without mentioning its remarkable beauty ".

The great lake surrounded by forest, the Slupia Valley, the old beech-trees and oaks, the manor-park and the long reaching view to the lower land below and softly sculptured landscape have always surprised amazed its visitors.

Krzynia used to be a remote forest-manor.Today the old part Gross-Krien called in Polish Krzynka is private property again.

In the middle of the landscape-preservation park called Dolina Slupi (The Slupia Valley) an area of 170 hectares, including the old mansion (appr.3hectares)and park (appr. 8 hectares) are private property again.

n the past eight years we the Morzycki family have turned the landscape in very hard though passionate work in its old beauty again.