Krien (Krzynia) used to be a remote forest-manor, originally consisting of two noble manors called Groß-Krien and Klein-Krien.

Gross-Krien is a little alleyway-village whereas Klein-Krien a cul-de-sac village.

Gross-Krien was split in two properties.
The first part has been a fiefdom of the von Zitzewitz family, the other property of Johann Ludwig von Liebermann.

Jakob Georg von Zitzewitz and his brother have aquired Gross-Krien thereafter from J.H. von Liebermann.

Jakob's son Kaspar Heinrich took over bequest, among others also Gross- and Klein Krien.

In the family-history he appears as the raiser of the extincted arm of Dumrose.

Around 1784 Groß Krien had two outworks leased by an administrator, six boors, two half-boors, one blacksmith, one school-master, one water-mill and one outwork with a hunter's home, acre and twenty-two fire-places.

Klein-Krien had to outworks. The first with two half-boors and one administrator. The second was founded on the marches and called Charlottenhof had one boor, two half-boors and thirteen fireplaces.

Because of its mostly sandy soil it has been regarded as a forst-manor.

In 1803 Kaspar Heinrich dies and leaves his entire property including Gross- and Klein Krien to his son Heinrich with whom the second arm of Dumrose extincted.

At the partition of bequest in 1834 Gross- and Klein-Krien went to Wilherlm von Zitzewitz, born Zezenow.

He raised the family-arm of Bornzin. He used to have his residence in Gross-Krien at times. He died in 1892.

His second son Günther takes over Gross- and Klein-Krien in the first instance as leasehold, then purchases them into property in 1883.

He devotes himself to forestry and the care for game.

In 1878 he builds a manor-house on a hill, around 1000 ft to the north-west of the Old Stolpe river.

Günther von Zitzewitz also creates the remarkable park next to the mansion-house covering 11,5 hectares to date.

The park was designed as a complex leaning to the diverse sculpture of land surrounding the manor.

The manor-house itself stood at the top ground of the manor, beside the drive-up which has been underlined by oak-plantings. The court is decorated with cypresses and ash-trees.

To the north of the mansion-house lays the second part of the mansion which is separated from the first part by a stone-wall with stairs.

The further parts of the complex preserved the typical woody and natural character with deep valleys towards the Old Stolpe river to date.

There are still intact tractions to viewpoints between the upper part of complex and the Old Stolpe river.

The outwork laid south-eastwards from the mansion-house and because of it was surrounded by forest, it remained relatively small having just a few buildings of which the barn and blacksmith are still standing.

As consequence of the partition of bequest in 1900 Wilhelm von Zitzewitz of Bornzin takes over the property.
After his death in 1927 his wife Henriette manages the property.
The last German bearers has been the community of bequest von Zitzewitz.

The old mansion-house has been a very popular location to visit among the and prominence of politics and gentry of that time.
Even a aviation-runway has been built around 2,5 miles to the north, which after 1945 has been embodied into the public road network.

After 1945 the manor becomes state property and turns into the state owned agricultural business called PGR Skarysz#w, Gosp. Krzynia.

First the mansion-house becomes home for the workers, after it was turned into a hunter's house.

In the past mid-eighties the mansion-house takes fire during restoration works and burns out entirely.

Along with the political turnover in 1989 the state owned business terminates its activity and up to 2002 it hasn't been farmed.

Since 2002 it has been farmed again with great passion by myself, Radoslaw Morzycki and my two sons. We managed to turn the bewildered land back into its original beauty.

We explicitly perform ecological agriculure with the most focus on breeding sheep which optically contributes to the overall beauty of the land as it used to be in the old days.

Now time has come to rebuild the mansion-house and to return to the manor its past original character and high end functionality, be it as residence, hotel, nursing-home or hunter's base.

This is a call to interested investor's or buyer's!