Landscape Protection Park "Dolina Slupi" , "the Slupia Valley"

The Landscape Protection Park "Dolina Slupi" , "the Slupia Valley" has been established in 1981 and is one of the largest nationwide in Poland. It covers 27 040 hectares, along with its breed-areas a total of 83 170 hecares, laying in the mid-stream of the the Slupia river, between the village Socyzca and the road near Krepa and Losino.
The Landscape Protection Park is a valley -park. Its surface has been sculptured by the meltings of the north-atlantic glacial thanks to is now a hilly land of great variety. The park is forest by 72%, mostly coniferous and mixed.

An important element of the park are its lakes of varius size, shape and origin,of which the larget is the Jasien-lake covering 590 hectares. The flora is of 748 kinds,of which many are protected and or threatend by extinct.
The area with its many streams, rivers and lakes offers a remarkable environment for diverse kinds of fish,most of all for wandering kinds such as the atlantic salmon.

The birdy fauna is present with a dreatly diverse variety as well. Many are protected from extinct here. Becauseof the diversity of the park has been recognised as one of 118 of safe havens for birds nationwide in Poland. In 2004 the entire area of the park has been incorporated into the national "Natura 2000"network, being a special area for bird protection.
There are also 41 kinds of mammal living here.
For the protection of the most valuable parts of natural environment, four areasfor theprotection of naturalenvironment have been established at the "Dolina Slupi"park and 57 monuments of natural environment have been recognised.

Landscape Protection Parks are a diverse form for protection of natural environment. They provide a significant element of the overall protection system for natural environment nationwide.
The attribute of such parks is that the areas are protected because of the special values,be it naturally,historically and in landscape, whereas they are used by man at the same time.
There is forestry and agriculture, as well as human settlements.

In today´s Polish province of Pomerania ( Wojewodztwo Pomorskie ) there are nine Landscape Protection Parks covering 179 208 hectares in total of which the largest is our "Dolina Slupi", the Slupia Valley.